Welcome to the new webpage of the AFCU Journal: A Franciscan Perspective on Higher Education!

In 2001, the Board of Directors of the Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities (AFCU) approved a proposal for an annual journal. It was hoped that this journal would encourage faculty and staff members and administrators of Franciscan institutions to explore the connection between the Franciscan intellectual and spiritual tradition and the many dimensions of Catholic higher education. The first issue of the journal appeared in January 2004. Since its inception the journal has featured articles and poems from more than 80 members of the faculty, staff, and administration of 15 AFCU institutions. In many ways the journal has served as a point of contact for scholars and practitioners desiring to deepen their understanding and integration of the Catholic Franciscan tradition into the curriculum and the co-curriculum.

With the inauguration of the revised AFCU website, the journal expands its ability to serve AFCU members. While publication of the paper version of the journal will continue, plans are in process for an on-line “best practices” newsletter. We envision that this newsletter will feature peer-reviewed articles describing “ideas that work” to bring the Franciscan tradition alive in the classroom, board room, and across the campus. We are currently revising manuscript submission guidelines for the paper version of the journal and developing guidelines for the “best practices” on-line newsletter. We hope to share these guidelines early in 2011.