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From the Chair

Dear Colleagues,

Peace and good! At the Association’s annual meeting in January, presidential colleagues came together to further the common Franciscan mission of our institutions. We ratified the Association’s strategic plan, the implementation of which is already underway. Collaborative efforts in the areas of the Franciscan intellectual tradition, retention efforts, service projects, and dissemination of the Franciscan message were affirmed. Through these efforts, we meet our students where they are at and journey with them as they grow in knowledge and deepen their faith.

During the pontificate of Pope Francis, our Holy Father has led us, by word and example, to “return to the roots” of our Catholic faith. He has exhorted us to be mindful of the poor. He has taken the Gospel message, the same for two millennia, and spoken it anew. People of various faiths have respect for Pope Francis who lives as he believes, continuing to eschew the papal apartment in favor of more modest quarters.

The Pope’s actions harken us back to the example of our Founder, who embraced poverty. Cardinal Bergoglio took the name of our Holy Father, so that he (and we) would always be mindful of the poor. In the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi who said, “Let us begin again. For up till now, we have done little or nothing” we are called to look anew at our relationship with Christ. The Franciscan charism of ongoing conversion challenges us to examine our lives individually and corporately to grow ever closer to the Word made flesh.

I thank the editor of the AFCU Journal, Adam DeVille, Ph.D. for his efforts in producing this publication. I am grateful to our contributors, who invite the readers to plumb the depths of the Franciscan intellectual tradition. In the same way that Saint Francis of Assisi pointed to Christ, may the words contained herein ultimately lead us to a deeper relationship with the Savior.

May the Lord give you His peace.


(Rev.) Malachi Van Tassell, T.O.R., Ph.D.
Saint Francis University


The AFCU Journal:
May 2016 • Volume 13, Number 1


Romancing Lady Poverty Anew 
Lance Richey

Connecting Service Learning to Course Content in the Franciscan Tradition
Laura Taddei and Louise Whitelaw

How Would Francis Teach My English Class?
John R. Holmes

Franciscan Campus Ministries and LGBTQ Emerging Adults
Arthur David Canales & Matthew Sherman

Deep Humanity and Hospitality
Albert Sears

How a Non-Franciscan Discovered a Personal Love for St. Francis
Lewis Pearson


Susan Saint Sing

Landscape with Jeffers and the Connecticut River
Jennifer Atkinson

Christina the Astonishing and Holy Week
Diane Vruels


Book Reviews

Joanne Schatzlein, OSF and Daniel Sulmasy, MD, Francis the Leper: Faith, Medicine, Theology, and Science
(Reviewed by Paula Scraba)

Christiaan W. Kappes, The Immaculate Conception: Why Thomas Aquinas Denied, while John Duns Scotus, Gregory of Palamas and Mark Eugenicus Professed the Absolute Immaculate Existence of Mary
(Reviewed by Dominic D'Ettore)