Alverno College

Alverno College is dedicated to the education of women. Your personal and professional development is our central focus. We extend our mission of service and strengthen our ties to the community by offering graduate programs to both women and men. Our success is not measured in awards and recognitions. It’s measured by changing the world, one student at a time. Every aspect of the College is focused on engaging you, the student. From our curriculum and campus life to our faculty, President's Office and Board of Trustees, our mission is to prepare you to be successful in all aspects of your life.

Four major areas serve as our guide to prepare you to realize a future of personal and professional promise:

Our curriculum was designed by our faculty for the sole purpose of meeting the educational goals of our students through a philosophy and a program of education.

The curriculum is ability-based and focused on student outcomes integrated in a liberal arts approach. It is rooted in Catholic tradition and designed to foster leadership and service in the community. It is flexible, to accommodate your educational goals with your diverse responsibilities. It is affordable, to accommodate your economic circumstances.

Your personal and professional development requires an environment of expectations for all – faculty, staff and students. We have built a community of learning, in which all functions of the College support our students in meeting explicit expectations.

Alverno faculty, staff and students are committed to stating and achieving goals for the benefit of the community in which they serve.

As part of our mission, we continue to develop and foster relationships with businesses, non-profit organizations and professionals in various industries. These relationships help us understand and meet the needs of a changing workplace, effectively preparing you to not only enter a career, but to become a leader.

The ever-changing nature of higher education demands innovation, development and flexibility. It is the mission of our faculty and staff to be dedicated to the development of undergraduate education and to seek and be receptive to the evaluation of teaching methods and scholarly and research activities.

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