Villa Maria College

The seal of Villa Maria College is a graphic representation of the foundation upon which the College rests, the life-giving sources which feed it and the ideals which flow from its spirit: Veritas (truth); Caritas (charity); and Unitas (unity).

Villa Maria College offers transformational and holistic education with a focus on the applied arts and music, designed to maximize potential and foster skills for professional growth. Students learn from dedicated faculty members in small classes and have access to the latest technology in a studio-based learning environment. Internship programs are available in every curriculum. The College offers nine baccalaureate degrees, and eleven associate degrees. Located on the border of the city of Buffalo and Cheektowaga, NY, our urban/suburban location offers a secure learning environment with access to Buffalo’s rich cultural and artistic heritage.

Service Learning, an instructional method that strengthens classroom learning by creating opportunities within the formal curriculum and the co-curriculum for students to participate in and reflect upon on community service, is a requirement at the College. At Villa Maria we believe that students should understand the value of and participate in service throughout their professional, personal, and community-based endeavors.

At Villa Maria College, we believe that service learning:

  • Reflects the Franciscan spirit of Villa Maria College’s mission.
  • Enhances and enriches the collegiate learning experience.
  • Provides opportunities for active learning, practical application,
  • evaluation, and analysis of theoretical classroom concepts.
  • Allows students to practice organizational, leadership, individual caring,
  • social responsibility, and community building skills necessary for life long success.
  • Promotes friendships amongst fellow students sharing a common vision of social
  • consciousness and compassion

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