Call for Proposals

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“The Franciscan Courage to Venture:
A Symposium on Preparing Outstanding Leaders for the Modern World”

Call for Proposals
[Proposals due by December 14, 2015]

Papers,panels, conversation conveners, collaborations to be undertaken while here, poster proposals, art.

The theme of the upcoming conference focuses on leadership – being leaders, shaping leaders, celebrating and supporting leaders. Francis and Clare were certainly transformational leaders: “game-changers for good” in their own time and throughout the centuries, persons of incredible vision, single-mindedness, and risky action. We are all witnesses to this. In addition, we all strive to shape leaders for the church, the academy, the country, and the world, both current and future. We at Marian not only want this symposium to be about leadership. We want it to be an intentional act of leadership. The Franciscan tradition has great leaders and everyday leaders; several of you have reflected and written on the leadership of Francis, Clare, Bonaventure, and many others. Perhaps more have been working on leadership in education, healthcare, business, politics, sports, or the church.

  • How do we identify great leaders
  • How are they formed?
  • What spirituality(ies) do they most need?
  • How do we accomplish this in our disciplines and institutions?
  • From within your own disciplines, how does your study help us follow the gospel: how does it help us to understand the vision; deepen our plans; identify, form, inform, and pray future leaders?
  • On a different level, how might we individually and institutionally collaborate more closely and fully in our common academic endeavors?

Of course, we also welcome submissions on other topics Catholic and Franciscan according to your interests and lights.

Our program includes

  • Sr. Margaret Carney, OSF, on Franciscan Education
  • Fr. Thomas Nairn, OFM on Ethics in Education
  • Dr. John Lechleiter, President and Chief Executive Officer, Eli Lilly Company, Integrating Faith and Work
  • Panel of Major Superiors of Communities sponsoring our schools on their ideas of Past, Present, and Future involvement
  • Report on the AFCU Project: Stopping the Leak in the Educational Pipeline: Improving Matriculation and Graduation Rates at AFCU institutions.

Plan to present and participate in the "preposterous venture" to lead and shape leaders in the Catholic and Franciscan tradition.

Abstracts requested by December 14, 2015.
250-500 words in length, includes current institutional affiliation and position.

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